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The Unbiased Guide To Buying Online

Every time you come in front of a gorgeous glass display with the glistening Rolex brand, you want to wear a Rolex on your wrist. Am I right? Luckily, you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash to have the watch of your dreams. What you’re looking for instead is a replica watch. Yes, it allows you to get the luxuries you want while staying within your budget.



Our business thrives on good reputation. We know how important it is for our customers to be happy with their purchase every time they return to our online boutique. Satisfaction is guaranteed with every purchase.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction derives from our long history of returning clientele and our pride in the watches we create. As watch lovers ourselves, we achieve a craftsman’s satisfaction from recreating the best watch models in the world. We won’t stop at anything less than perfect. Our materials are the finest in the replica world and our craftsmanship is second to none. Quality is our starting point, that’s a guarantee! All our products are guaranteed to be flawless or we’ll exchange or refund your purchase. We also offer a six month warranty against defects and malfunctions on our entire replica watch collection. As with most warranties, this covers manufacturer’s defects and damage, not damage inflicted on your replica watch by you, either intentionally or unintentionally. A watch that was mistreated, used in ways that it is not recommended, or intentionally damaged will not be qualified for return.


We understand that purchasing online, oftentimes from abroad, can be unnerving. That’s why we provide a 100% guaranteed delivery of all our products. We guarantee that your order will arrive undamaged within a reasonable shipping time. In the event that any mistakes are made with your shipment, we will reship, no trouble at all.


All orders made on our site are guaranteed. We will provide a refund or exchange if you are unsatisfied with your order and it meets the requirements of our return policy. We issue refunds by the same method that was used by the customer to initially pay for the order. 


We promise to keep all of your information private and secure. We guarantee not to share any of your contact or billing information with any third party. Just because you want to purchase a Rolex replica, it doesn't mean that you want your information to be shared. In fact, we're certain you don't want to and we guarantee that we will honor this. With us, there's nothing to worry about when buying your Rolex replica watch.


In addition to professional waterproof watches, other replica watches are life waterproof watches. Professional waterproof watches have a water resistance of 30M. But they do not recommend swimming or taking showers with them. Taking the replica watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.


You don't have to worry about quality. They offer AAA quality watches. The replica watch is 90% similar to the original watch, even the weight is the same. And after confirming the watch information with you, oddtract.com will have a professional test staff to conduct a comprehensive test on your replica watch. This will ensure that you get the best quality replica watches. Regarding inventory, all replica watches of the Rolex brand are in stock. For other brands’ inventory, you can refer to oddtract.com webpage or contact them directly.


We receive this question almost daily, and the answer is not simple.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Mechanical watches are water resistant and not waterproof.

2. Swimming presents challenges to mechanical watches other than just water. These include the effects of salt, chlorine and other chemicals.

3. The strap may be damaged by exposure to water.

Our rule of thumb is to not swim in a mechanical watch unless it is rated to a depth of 200 meters or greater. Next, if swimming in a mechanical watch, rinse it off after the swim (do not use soap or other cleaning products).

If the watch will be used for diving, even casually, we recommend a minimum water resistance of 500 meters.

All of the watches we make are water resistant but we do not guarantee them being waterproof. You should not wash your hands with one of our watches on or take a shower, bath or swim with them on, as this will revoke their guarantee.


An automatic wristwatch is a mechanical wristwatch with a self-winding mechanism. In other words, one does not have to wind the crown periodically to keep the watch running. A manual or manual wind watch must be wound by hand, using the crown, usually every day, to operate continuously.

If one were going to own only a single watch, and wear it every day, an automatic would be a good choice, since the watch will be worn consistently enough to stay wound – the owner would never need to manually wind the watch, and would only need to adjust the time to compensate for drift and at changeover to daylight/summer time and back. (In fact, several early automatic movements dispensed with the crown and moved the time-setting mechanism onto the back, under the theory that the mechanism would only be accessed infrequently. This turned out to be a marketing flop – people liked the look and easy accessibility of the crown.)

For this reason, most commonly seen watches with more than a simple date window use automatic movements – this includes “triple date” calendars, annual calendars, perpetual calendars, and any of these combined with moon phases. With few exceptions (oddly enough, these seem to be more expensive watches), most manual wind watches have simpler calendars, although they may include other complications like chronographs.

One caveat about automatics – if you have more than one watch that is worn regularly, the automatic winding advantage is lessened – the automatic may stop if not worn often enough. With some calendar mechanisms and other complications this can add an inconvenience factor to resetting the watch.

Finally, since frequently worn automatics are usually at or near a full state of wind most of the time, one may get the impression that they can be adjusted to be more accurate and consistent over the course of many days. This, in fact, is not necessarily the case, as a manual-wind watch that is wound consistently once per day can be tweaked so that the day to day variation is very small. In short, there is no definite performance advantage to an automatic – it is mostly a convenience.


Polished Stainless Steel

1. For fine scratches, we’ve found that nothing beats a jewelers’ cloth, like the Pioneer/Shino Polishing Cloth available from most watch suppliers. It is a double cloth. The inner cloth is impregnated with a red polishing powder (ferric oxide or rouge).

The outer cloth protects your hand from the nasty red stain and is also used to give the final polish. These jewelers polishing cloth works even better on gold.

You may also use Sylvet washable or the double-sided jewelers cloth typically sold in drug stores. The only other tools you need are elbow grease and common sense.

2. For deep scratches, use Never-Dull, usually sold in drug stores and hardware stores. Never-Dull is cotton impregnated with a strong cleaner/polisher.

It has an unpleasant smell (like the polishing compound for cars) but works fast, leaving behind only faint scratches that can be removed with a jeweler’s cloth. And presto, you’ve got a mirror finish!

CAVEAT: You will always leave microscopic scratches on a highly polished SS (or gold) surface. These ultra-fine scratches are visible only in bright light and from a certain angle.

The only perfect finish is a factory finish. Even jobs done by jewelers are still inferior to the factory mirror finish.

Brushed Stainless Steel

1. To remove fine scratches, use a jewelers cloth. Be GENTLE or you will put a shine on the finish, which will not quite match the brushed look. If that happens, you can put the brushed finish back on by following Step 3 below.

2. For scratches over a small area, use a fiber-glass brush. It looks like a mechanical pencil with a bundle of glass fibers instead of lead that can be dispensed from the tip.

You brush this glass-fiber tip on the SS surface to remove the scratches and to create a new brush finish. We would not recommend using this tool over a large area because the brush strokes tend to be uneven, especially around curves, though you can get better with practice.

WARNING: The broken fiber glass on your skin can cause unpleasant itches. Wear a thin latex glove and use a brush to remove fiber-glass debris from your watch after repair.

3. For scratches over a large area, use a Styrofoam block made for polishing finger nails (sold in beauty supply store). Each block is about an inch thick and 3 inches long. Its surface is impregnated with a very fine abrasive material.

Brush gently with the grain to remove the scratches and to blend the new brush strokes with the original ones. I prefer this Styrofoam block to sand paper or steel wool as it is easy to grip and to maneuver.

The soft Styrofoam also conforms to curved surfaces and is very forgiving.

With patience, you can even remove deep dents and reshape small parts safely with this Styrofoam polisher.

Final Comments on Steel

Above tips are for repairing minor scratches which are annoying to you but not worth a trip to your local watchmaker/jeweler, or shipping out the watch.

If you are careful and patient, the results can be very satisfying.

But to restore the whole watch, often a necessity when you dabble in vintage watches, We have found it best to send the watch out to professionals with the right tools and skills for the job.

Gold or Platinum

For gold filled or gold plate, we would recommend that you leave them alone – you don’t want to remove any more of the finish than already exists!


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